Okay, since a couple of you guys wanted to hear about how the date went, I’ll tell you. So, I thought it would be cool to take her to this art event at our local museum (cool interactive things to do, awesome exhibits, live music, FOOD), because we’re both super into those things. And when we got there we kinda mingled about and ate food and looked at the fabulous art (and she was being impossibly cute and passionate), and we sat down and talked a little, then the live music came on, so we went on down and this band played these really cute songs (The Moon Song from Her. GOD. It was perfect. I sang along a bit to her). So I continued to glance over to her and whenever she caught me she would smile and tell me to not get embarrassed and to let her see my face when I did so. But after that we went back to walking around and looking at art and talking about her exes and other things (and how her friends basically ship her and I together). And that was that, just a great night with her. But GOD I wanted to kiss her so so badly when we were walking around outside, but fuck I didn’t, and I walked her up to her door at her house afterwards and she said, “can I ask you a weird question?” And I said “of course”, so she went on to say that she wasn’t exactly sure what it is between us and not sure if it’s platonic of not (because we’ve been friends and it’s kind of established that we’re both into one another), and I told her it is whatever she wants it to be, and she said she wants it to be a date. So I nodded and we hugged and she went inside oh my god guys. I SHIP IT. Is that wrong? To ship myself with her?

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    Aww that’s so cute and not wrong at all. If you don’t ship yourself in a relationship, that normally means you don’t...
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    THIS IS REALLY CUTE I JUST SAW THAT PICTURE A WEEK AGO WHERE YOU SAID “she’s so cute I want to go on a date with her”...
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